Being a graduate student and working is quite a challenge.  I am constantly stressed out and do not always make the best food choices.  Being the behavior analyst that I am, I decided to make a blog to publicly post my daily exercise, some meals and recipes, as well as other things that are going on in my life.  I am always looking for someone to work out with, share recipes with, etc.

I am 24 and residing in Chicago, IL with my wonderful boyfriend.

I don’t typically tell people my story, but I think that people should know my struggles and what I have accomplished.

In high school I struggled with my weight going on and off the Atkins diet.  My sophomore year of high school I lost a lot of weight, but managed to gain it all back and then some.  By the time I graduated high school I weighed 183 lbs and am only 5’3″.

Everything changed when I entered college.  The first year I lost 20lbs on accident;  I am an impatient person and do not like waiting in line so for lunch and dinner I went straight to the salad bar.  I ate salads for lunch and dinner every day that semester.  When I came back for my second year I joined a weight loss group that encouraged me to exercise.  One of my friends went with me to the gym and I ended up losing another 25lbs.  The lowest weight I got to in college was 138lbs and everything changed for me.  I was more outgoing and actually started dating.  On top of working out in the gym, I also took 2 yoga classes, 2 kickboxing classes, and an aerobics class.  I am a big believer in the power of yoga and I want to get back to doing it on a regular basis.

When I moved to Chicago I had no friends and only left my apartment to go to school and back.  I became a vegetarian, but stopped working out.  I have gained back about 7 lbs and it is very noticeable to me.  I am trying to lose the weight that I have gained and then some.  It is important to me to live a healthy lifestyle and reincorporate exercise.

Now that I have bared my soul to the world, I need to go workout, cook, or study something!


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