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going the distance

5 Sep

Kiba decided to help me write my reaction paper for class.  This basically sums up my morning: reading & writing a paper.  Kiba fell asleep on the job.

I thought today was going to be another boring study day, but I got a nice surprise for me around 3:00.  The boyfriend came home early from work!  I couldn’t believe it!

We ended up going to see the movie Going the Distance with a friend.  It was so hilarious and raunchy.  I loved it.

We went to the gym right after and got in a quick workout  before Ballys closed.  I started the Couch to 5k program and completed the first workout.  It was a little under my fitness level, but I am going to continue it.

Stats: 20:01min, 1.32 mi, 107cal