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labor day

6 Sep

imageBreakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries and flaxseed.

Six feet under is ridiculously addicting. My boyfriend and I watched it for most of the day, only stopping to shower and workout.


Lunch: Toast with guacamole & turkey, banana

Workout: 20min, 1.31mi, 119cal (couch to 5k); 13min, .64mi, 63cal (walk)

My leg started hurting so I had to cut my workout short.

School starts back up tomorrow; I enjoyed my lazy four day weekend, but it is back to the grind tomorrow.  I am nervous about one of my classes because the teacher is mean and I may have to summarize an article that I read, but I really don’t know if I can since I have read eight of them this weekend alone.  It is hard to keep them straight.

I hope that I finally get my thesis edits back because it has been about 5 weeks since I turned it in.


and so it begins

4 Sep

Today is pretty uneventful.  I have to read at least 8 articles and write a paper for a class on Tuesday.  This semester is going to be full.  The amount of work alone is substantial, not to mention I have thesis to work on, as well as a practicum site.

I am very excited about my thesis because it is something that I am extremely interested in.  I will be using a behavioral treatment package to increase physical activity in adults!  I also have to do a self-monitoring procedure for one class and I want to do it on increasing my own physical activity, perhaps with increasing my mileage.

Anyways, my whole day has been spent reading articles for class and watching lectures from the Healthy Living Summit.  I am so sad that I missed it!  I had no idea it was coming to Chicago, or rather that it existed at the time.  Hopefully  next year, if I am still in Chicago and if they have it here again, I will be able to attend.

I took a break to eat a healthy lunch of avocado & tomato toast with an edamame salad from whole foods.  It was delish.

And then it was back to reading articles.  Kiba wanted to help.

Oh! I did some research on Chia Seeds today, as I have seen them all over the blogger world recently.  I just had to order me some!  I have had some issues with my energy levels being really low and I am hoping that it will help with that.

Today is an off day for exercise.